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Construction Projects

The Institute for Supplementary Education Helping Immigrants Help Themselves


The Institute for Supplementary Education in Arad is just one of many examples of the city’s newer citizens embracing the ethos of its earliest founders – creating a new city and a unique culture, welcoming religious and secular, native Israelis and new immigrants, living and working together in harmony, building a society imbued with a unique pioneering spirit.
Of the 27,000 people who reside in Arad, nearly half of them – 43 percent – are new immigrants who arrived with the wave of immigration from the Former Soviet Union (FSU) that began in 1989. Many were highly educated professionals – scientists, engineers, teachers and physicians – who were unable to find employment in Israel in their areas of expertise. As they sought to adjust to a new life in a new country, they were often too preoccupied to provide their children with the support they needed. 
Israel’s decades of experience in absorbing new immigrants has shown that young immigrants almost always confront the same problems, regardless of their countries of origin. The school experience is often socially and academically alienating, creating profound frustration. With low self-esteem and high fear of failure, many young immigrants drop out of school, wander the streets and become involved in drugs, drinking, and crime. 



The Institute for Supplementary Education was established in 1993 by the Municipality, which recruited newcomers from the FSU to volunteer their extensive expertise and time. Its after school framework offers young people a chance to develop their talents and skills, while helping them cope with the stresses of immigration. Simultaneously, the Institute provides the adults involved with a supportive community, enabling them to maintain and enhance their own professional skills. 
Less than 15 years later, in 2007, Arad’s Institute for Supplementary Education received the Minister of Immigration and Absorption’s Award for serving as an exemplar model of volunteer efforts for immigrant absorption. The students’ achievements – high rankings and top prizes in national electronics and mathematics competitions, science contests and a regional art competition, as well as national boxing and wrestling championships – attest to the success of the Municipality, their parents and the merit of this award. 
Request for Support
The Lev Arad Foundation, a public, non-profit charitable organization serving the city of Arad, is seeking $253,000 to provide a new home for this outstanding educational program. [See Appendix I for a detailed budget.]

The Institute currently meets in an old, dilapidated structure consisting of four pre-fabricated shacks erected in 1962, which are freezing in the winter and stifling in the summer. The tiny rooms cannot accommodate more than 10 people at a time. The asbestos ceilings are a health hazard and also prevent the installation of modern heating/air conditioning units. 
The "Ofarim" elementary school has offered the Institute for Supplementary Education the top floor of its building. However, its sorry state requires serious renovation. With your help, the new premises could provide an inestimably more pleasant learning environment and the opportunity to accommodate approximately 1,300 students – double the current number - in nine classrooms.
Your contribution would make an important difference in the lives of immigrant children and the immigrant parents who provide their services. Your contribution would reinforce the ideals, on which the State of Israel and the City of Arad were founded – that regardless of where we live, we are one people committed to helping others help themselves. 
Budget for Renovation of 3rd Floor of "Ofarim" School

The historical museum in Arad - Completion


Arad is a successful example of how to establish a new city.
Its location, economic base and population makeup were determined to preliminary surveys and planning, with the intention of setting up an urban locality compatible with its desert environment whose startup features would constitute the foundation for future success.
The historical museum was established by a group of veteran residents of Arad, with the assistance of the Jewish agency through Arad-Tamar/NJ-DEL Partnership. The museum's purpose is to preserve and retell the captivating story of the founding of Arad - the first modern, preplanned development town in the Negev - in the 1960s',transmitting the story to the coming generations in an experiential and artistic manner.
The exhibits are describing the special character of Arad, the ethos, culture and social fabric that developed over time.
Estimated budget: 50,000$.

"Oron" Theater – Performing Arts Center


The Performing Arts Center:  The Heart of Arad’s Cultural and Social Life
For 40 years Arad’s Arts Center has been the focal point of the city’s cultural life. With the only auditorium that can seat 700 people, the Arts Center serves as a venue for shows, dance and musical performances.  Most significantly, the hall is an integral part of the entire community and plays a major role in cultivating youthful talent.  The city’s youth choirs practice and perform here as do theatre majors at the local high school.  Starting in kindergarten and continuing through grade 12, schoolchildren are entitled to attend 5-6 performances every year. The Arts Center also serves as a meeting place for youth movements and the city’s youth council and regularly hosts gatherings from every sector of the community.  It provides a venue for public forums and discussions of social issues. 
Needs Statement
Built 40 years ago, the Arts Center is in urgent need of upgrading and renovation in to meet the cultural needs of Arad in the 21st century.  Due to the small size of the stage and the lack of sophisticated stage and technical systems, the hall can accommodate only small shows with the simplest technical requirements, severely limiting the cultural intake of the residents of Arad.  
Project Description
Projected renovations and technological improvements will transform the theatre into a modern performance hall that conforms to current theatre standards and technical specifications necessary for a broader range of cultural and musical activities. 
Renovating the Performing Arts Center is the centerpiece of a building development plan to upgrade Arad’s commercial center. The plan is based on two main pedestrian walkways that converge at a central piazza that abuts the Performing Arts Center. The entire complex will be harmoniously linked by uniformly designed signs and awnings as well as street lighting, benches, etc.      

Cost of Project:  $1,709,400 
An itemized budget is attached for your kind consideration. The project will bear the name of its donor, which will be displayed prominently in a position of honor.
Stages 1 + 2
Construction of fly tower                                    
Construction to the side of the stage                   
Additional construction                                                  
Deepening the stage by 5 meters                        
Stage systems                                                    
Electric infrastructure for stage systems            
Air conditioning system for the stage                   
Security - fire sprinklers                                                 
Stages 3 and 4
Lighting and stage operation equipment                        
Renovating and enlarging lobby                                    
Renovating interior of hall                                             
Basement - dressing rooms, storage, etc.                        

TOTAL COST USD              $1,850,000

The Arad Conservatory

Experiencing a New BeginningArad

 Once upon a time, the Arad Conservatory proudly boasted over 550 students learning to play a wide range of musical instruments, participating in the choir and performing in its outstanding chamber music ensemble.
While just 78 young people have enrolled for the coming school year, there are strong indications that interest in the Conservatory – and enrollment – is once again on the rise as Arad’s young parents seek to enhance their children’s lives and encourage their abilities.
These parents understand that learning to play an instrument is more than a technical skill – it develops concentration, self-discipline and an independent work ethic. At the same time, it encourages children to look into themselves and explore their inner emotions.
In the coming school year, the Conservatory will open a new class for very young children to introduce them to a musical education and encourage their interest. 
While the quality of instruction is outstanding and the chamber music ensemble first rate, to attract new students and improve conditions for those already enrolled, the Conservatory must be renovated, the infrastructure updated, electrical and air conditioning systems replaced, the roof repaired and the concert hall refurbished for the comfort of the audience as well as the performers.
The Lev Arad Foundation, a public, non-profit charitable organization serving the city of Arad, is seeking $650,000 to carry out these renovations and provide an enhanced environment for the students, the teachers and the music loving public.
Budget for renovation
ROOF SEALING                                                                                           
EXTERNAL PAINTING                                                                                
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM - renovation and upgrading                          
AIR-CONDITIONING - new units and renovation of existing system  
CONCERT HALL - renovation                                                                      
CONCERT STAGE - renovation                                                                    
FURNITURE (chairs)                                                                         
FLOOR RENOVATION                                                                               
TOILET RENOVATION                                                                               
ENTRANCE AND LOBBY RENOVATION                                                
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS                                                             
FIRE PREVENTION SYSTEM                                                                     
FURNITURE AND OFFICE EQUIPMENT                                      
PATIO - shading                                                                                             


Renovation of the Municipal High School


The Municipal High School in Arad is the only school in the city. The school educates hundreds of students from the seventh grade to seniors. It was founded over 40 years ago and since then its Structure wasn't renovated.
Our goal is to make the school more inviting and modern place, and Lead it to the 21st century.
The school has a variety of disciplines such as tourism and hotels, architecture, theater, various theoretical trends and more.
The Solution
The Lev Arad Foundation has embarked on a project for renovating the school Structure.
Most of the renovation will focus on:
- Theater room.
- adding seat amphitheater covers.
- Cooking workshop.
- Repair and painting of external walls.
- Handicap access ramp connecting the two parts of the school.
- Construction of an appropriate conference room.

Cost of Project:  $1,000,000

Renovating the City's Kindergartens Improvement of The yards and classrooms


Currently in Arad, there are 27 pre-school facilities – most of which were built over 30 years ago. Many were built in underground shelters which were not intended to be used as kindergartens. The lighting is poor and the ventilation inadequate. Most have play yards, but the equipment in the yards is old, in disrepair, and in many cases, unsafe. The Municipality does not have the funds to provide these most necessary changes, and thus our children are learning in a run-down, unsafe environment without the most basic of supplies.
The Solution
The pre-schools in the City must be renovated, painted and equipped with modern equipment which meets today's safety standards. This includes building secure fences and installing new playground equipment.


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