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Cultural & community projects

Arad Young Adults' Vocational Training and Life-skills Center Attracting young families


There is great need to construct a supportive community network for Arad’s young people, particularly for young immigrants, who are usually part of small community networks without good accessibility to information, who may be lacking in individual skills and who may not be exposed to employment or social opportunities.
The difficulties involved in absorption of the entire family group can interfere with the ability to assist and to provide firm support and guidance for young people looking to marking out a life path in Israeli society.
The Solution
The Arad Young Adults’ Vocational Training and Life-skills Center has been established as a center for municipal residents aged 18-30. The Center works in cooperation with the young people and with the various municipal entities in the city, in order to formulate a youthful municipal identity and encourage the city’s second-generation and additional young people to make their homes and build their futures in Arad.
The Center will focus on:
- offering counseling and advice in the areas of employment, higher education, social involvement, culture and leisure
- developing young people's individual skills in order to realize their individual potential
- increased accessibility to higher education and high quality jobs
- social involvement and understanding of the value of volunteerism among young people
- creation of a viable infrastructure of services for young people
- enhance a “feeling of belonging to Arad and Israeli society” among the target population
- positioning the Young Adults’ Center as a focus for social activities
- establishing a positive rapport with the local authorities, academic institutions and 
- offering vocational training in sought-after fields of employment

Support the Young Adults Center for ONE YEAR USD $50,000
Support the Young Adults Center for THREE YEARS USD $150,000

Arad Early Childhood Center For educational and Cultural enrichment and therapeutic assistance


It is almost common knowledge that every child benefits from early attention; that by enhancing a child’s environment with educational and cultural enrichment programs and awareness of each child’s individual needs, children will become happier and better-educated teens and adults, capable of greater achievement; that laying a good foundation is essential to raising loving and caring children. 
Not all children are born equal. Some are intellectually challenged, others emotionally. Some have special needs; others just need a little encouragement to help them realize their potential. Some are simply young children who could benefit from that “special something;” others come from distressed families who don’t know where to turn.
Arad’s Youngsters
In 2006, The Soroka Medical Center’s Child Development Center treated 105 children from Arad. Israel’s Ministry of Health estimates that another 50 Arad children - from newborns to age six - need the type of treatment the Soroka Medical Center offers.
Arad has no facilities to provide families and young children with much-needed assistance, be it educational or paramedical. The situation is exacerbated when children also have special needs.
The Arad Early Childhood Center
The guiding principle behind the Early Childhood Center in Arad, which will be established according to Ministry of Health criteria, is the vital need for increased investment in very young children.

This municipal program will provide educational, cultural and therapeutic services for families with children aged 0-9 by pooling the available resources under one roof and developing a professional team that specializes in early childhood issues.

A wide range of informal activities and enrichment opportunities for young children will enhance their early education. Skilled professionals will identify, diagnose and treat children with delayed development, language and communication difficulties and social and emotional problems.
The Center will provide tools and training for parents to help them develop good parenting skills, improve their self-image and strengthen their belief in their ability to nurture their children. It will also serve as a training ground to help professionals augment their knowledge with ‘hands-on’ experience.
The Paramedical Treatment Division
The Center will be responsible for identifying children with developmental difficulties and delays, providing paramedical treatment to children and support for their families and raising community awareness of people with special needs. Therapies will include occupational therapy, speech therapy, art, music and physical therapy and others services specifically required by a child’s diagnosis.
The Early Childhood Center will fund the identification programs; treatment will be funded by one of Israel’s four health maintenance organizations, the referral agency or other authorized body.
The Educational Enrichment Division - Children’s Programs
Informal enrichment will include drama, storytelling, games, jamboree groups, art, music and movement for young children, creative activities and learning proficiency activities.
The Educational Enrichment Division - Parent’s Programs 
The demanding and complex job of parenting requires a great deal of investment in developing skills and proficiency. Together with the parents, the Center will evaluate their needs and create personalized programs to help them augment their knowledge, improve their skills, bolster their self confidence and provide objectivity.
To help children and parents relate better, the Center will offer parental counseling, special programs for parents, such as a “parents’ school’ and groups for parents with common interests.
Staff and Structure
The Center will be operated by the Arad Municipality and overseen by a Municipal Steering Committee consisting of Municipal Social Services and Education departments, the Israel Ministry of Health and the Arad Community Center
The Center’s Director, a professional from a relevant treatment field, will be responsible for coordinating available city, governmental and private services;   resource development; steering committee management; staff guidance; and developing and marketing the center’s programs. The Director will oversee the treatment coordinator and the Leisure and Enrichment coordinator.
The Treatment Coordinator will be a social worker, preferably specializing in treating very young children. He or she will perform intake together with the developmental doctor; participate in the team that determines treatment programs and supervise their implementation; do individual, couple and family therapy; conduct parents’ groups; and be responsible for the disability committee.
The Center will have additional paramedical professionals when needed.
The Leisure and Enrichment Coordinator will be a professional in the field of education or treatment who will engage in the planning and execution of the Center’s entire educational and enrichment activities.
Israel’s Ministry of Health, through its Family Health Clinic, will play an integral role in the Center’s operations.
An Investment in the Future
As adults, we know the impact our words and deeds have on others - especially on children. The Arad Early Childhood Center has the potential to maximize the impact of words and deeds with caring attention and professional involvement.
The Arad Early Childhood Center has the potential to change children’s lives - perhaps even save a child’s life.
The Lev Arad Foundation is turning to you to help provide that “special something” that could make a dramatic difference for Arad’s children, their families – and their future.

Project partners
Arad Municipality, Department of Social Services and Department of Education
Arad Community Center
Ministry of Health
Kupat Cholim
The National Insurance Institute

Creating a center for the Ethiopian community of Arad


Israel’s Ethiopian Community:  Economic and Cultural Gaps
The challenges faced by Israel’s Ethiopian community are immense. The transition – literally overnight – from an agrarian, patriarchal civilization with well-defined family and gender roles to a fast-paced, modern, technological society has made integration slow and difficult.
Most of the older generation can neither read nor speak Hebrew and remain culturally alienated from their Israeli environment. The Ethiopian population has the highest rate of poverty (over 70%), of any social group in Israel and 65% of those over 45 are unemployed. Already in pre-school, huge cultural and educational gaps separate young Ethiopians from their peers.  And alarmingly large numbers of young Ethiopian adolescents become involved in drugs, alcohol, and crime.  Their parents, who have lost their position of authority, are hard put to cope with their children’s problem. Without intervention the prospects of the younger generation breaking out of the cycle of poverty and alienation are dim.
Arad's Ethiopian Community
Some 85 families of Ethiopian origin, who arrived in Israel during Operation Moses (1984) and Operation Solomon (1991), have settled in Arad.  The families are generally large, with at least four children.  Most live in the Halamish neighborhood, a poor section of the city, many of them in public housing projects.  Those who are employed work at menial jobs, such as janitors in schools, municipal institutions and factories. 54% of the Ethiopian immigrant families rely on social welfare services – more than double the percentage in the general population.    
Due to the cultural divide, language barrier,  and a sense of alienation from mainstream Israel - compounded by the difficulty of navigating the bureaucracy  - members of the Ethiopian community rarely participate in activities run by the municipality or avail themselves of services and benefits to which they are entitled.   
Creating a Center for the Ethiopian Community
Over the past two years, a group of local Ethiopian grassroots activists have developed a plan to provide intervention that will address the specific needs of the community. Recommendations include organizing programs to preserve the Ethiopian cultural heritage, including celebrating special events and important dates; activities to familiarize participants with Israel, such as trips, lectures, and ulpan Hebrew classes; and initiatives that target specific groups.  These include activities for senior citizens, empowerment workshops for women, play groups and preparation for 1st grade for preschoolers, and counseling for parents to help them communicate with their adolescent children.
Central to this initiative is the establishment of a center that will serve as a warm home for the community as well as a venue for activities and meetings. At the same time, it will serve as a central address where government offices and service providers can meet with the Ethiopians, give them information about available services and benefits, and facilitate their integration into Israeli society.   A coordinator and counselor will be responsible for the center’s programming.  
An itemized budget is attached for your kind consideration. The project will bear the name of its donor, which will be displayed prominently in a position of honor.
Total cost $137,000

Public Exercise Equipment

Over the last several years, the issues of improving our quality of life, life-span and physical wellbeing have become focal points in our society. More than ever before, people of all ages and stages of life are using workout equipment, gyms, pools and exercise facilities.
Currently in Arad, there is a local "Country Club" (private gym and pool), which services the local population.
Unfortunately, most of the city's residents cannot afford to become members or use it regularly. In the last two years, due to the increasing demand, other facilities have opened, and the city has installed some very up-to-date, durable resistance weight machines in several public parks. These offer an alternative for those who need such outlets, and they also provide a feeling of community and interaction, but are not enough of them to sufficiently meet the demands of a growing and diverse population
The City needs to install more public exercise equipment. Appropriate locations have already been earmarked for this purpose.

Cost of Outdoor Public Exercise Gym Equipment USD $100,000

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