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Social Services Projects

The Arad Warm Home for Young Women


It is often assumed that conventional skills – especially gender-related skills – are innate. However, research and anecdotal evidence has proved that more often than not, they have to be taught. Sometimes the example of a role model is sufficient, often a structured framework is the key factor. This is especially true for young people at risk, whether their lack of maturity originates in their own homes or stems from their individual personalities or behavioral norms.
A Therapeutic Environment
The Arad Warm Home for Young Women was established to provide young women with a framework to develop behavioral norms in a conventional household, with the female staff members serving as role models.
The therapeutically-oriented program is run by a housemother, a counselor, a social worker-coordinator – all half-time positions; a female soldier or young woman doing National Service; and a social worker provided by the Arad Department of Social Services, 20 percent of the time.
A Warm Home currently cares for 25 young women from 12 to 20 in two groups: new immigrants and native-born Israelis. The Home is open four times a week from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm, providing a suitable and educational framework for their afternoon hours. Each group comes twice a week.
Most of the young women come from disadvantaged families that are struggling with economic difficulties, sometimes severe poverty and even hunger. The new immigrants especially, have difficulty adjusting to life in Israel.
In varying degrees, all of them suffer from emotional and social deficiencies – they have difficulty with authority figures and receiving instruction, some suffer from learning problems, almost all know no boundaries and have minimal parenting skills.
A Warm Home for Young Women is a place where young women can learn and mature by experiencing life situations and emulating role models.
Enrichment Activities
All of the Warm Home’s quality enrichment activities are experiential and challenging. From the moment the young women arrive from school and are
welcomed by the housemother, every event, every activity and every verbal and non-verbal expression is a teaching tool – the hot lunch they eat together around The table, the preparation of homework, a special activity, class or group conversation.
These tools encourage wise choices and emphasizing personal responsibility. They bolster their feelings of strength and empowerment and nurture a sense of belonging by building relationships based on trust – between the staff and the students, and among the students themselves. Working together on issues connected with being a woman, adolescence and the development of social and interpersonal skills creates a sense of group identification and unity. Emphasis on values such as accepting “the other,” mutual aid and solidarity strengthens the bonds.
The staff provides academic assistance and personalized support, referring those who require it for individual treatment.
Helping Young Women Help Themselves
 “Every wise woman builds her house,” the Proverbs tell us. For these troubled young women, the first step is acquiring knowledge and learning to be wise – lessons they never learned from their parents. They must learn how to believe in themselves so they can grow up to believe in others, care for others – family, friends and the community at large
The Lev Arad Foundation is turning to you to help these young women – and all who believe in them – become wise and caring adults. You can make a difference; you can help them become responsible members of society. Indeed, you can change their lives – and the lives of all those they will encounter in the years to come.

GRAND TOTAL       USD 120,000

The Arad Youth Center

Eight years ago, Arad’s social workers decided to join forces. Rather than working individually, they created the Arad Youth Center, a place for Arad’s young people to gather, socialize and receive assistance from Arad’s Department of Social Services. At the Center, they find sustenance and support - from their peers and from the professionals. The only place in Arad open during the evening hours to serve the city’s younger population, the Center attracts a heterogenic population. It serves as a social melting pot, fostering interaction and acceptance among teenagers who might not ordinarily meet. 
About 50 young people come to the Center each evening.
Availability and accessibility are two of the project’s central tenets. As of now,
The Center is only open five days a week from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. – but all involved hope to expand its hours to cover school holidays, teachers’ strike days and Friday nights, when teens often find themselves without any alternative activity and wander streets aimlessly.
Located in the Payis Youth Center in Arad’s Neurim neighborhood, the Center was physically designed with young people in mind. More significantly, its atmosphere imparts the message that there is an answer for every question and problem – from written material, the Internet, personal knowledge, staff experience and professional skill, and lectures and workshops by visiting experts.
Staff members are present every evening, tending to the needs of unmarried young people between the ages of 12 and 25, assisting those in distress, helping drug users “kick the habit,” and those alienated from their environment The staff nurtures contacts with the young people that drop in, maintains a register for requests and follow-up, prepares and serves hot drinks and light refreshments, engage the teens in conversations and games, and conducts planned programs.
The Promise of Help and Hope
Most of all, they present a promise of help and hope to those who need advice and guidance. Some young people are afraid to seek treatment in the community and expose themselves, some simply don’t know where to turn; some appear to function reasonably during the daytime but are lost after dark. Often they are “outsiders,” not connected to any of Arad’s youth groups.
At least three staff members – youth workers from the Department of Social Services, social workers, counselors, volunteers and project alumni who have been trained to work with young people – are on duty every evening. They provide information, advice and guidance, identify those in crisis or at risk and inculcate normative patterns of entertainment and leisure time activity.
Programs include discussions and presentations on nutrition and personal care, the army, school; sexual issues such as contraception, sexual relations and gender identity, couple and family relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, driving, sexual harassment and abuse, violence, boundaries and authority, and current affairs, among others.
The Center’s staff connects with parents as well – informing them of how their children are spending their time, discussing their needs and solutions and presenting the opportunities available to them. In addition, parents’ groups are held continuously throughout the year.
Even a Little Will Go a Long Way
Each year, dedicated supporters commit to funding part of the Center’s budget. Each year, they renew their promise to these young people – a promise of a better future.
The success of the Center impels us to do even more. Please become our partner in making life better for Arad’s young people.
Yes, times are tough everywhere – even more so for teens with troubles.
You can help change their lives.
A little will go a long way – a lot will make a significant difference.
Annual Operating Cost                                                                      NIS 682,435 

Establishing A Soup Kitchen To Feed The Hungry In Arad


Arad’s residents include 10,000 immigrants, primarily from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia, large numbers of whom are unemployed or work at minimum wage.   Furthermore, 1,900 of the city’s population of 4,400 elderly receive social benefits and subsist on minimum income.  The city’s economic situation is worsening as the shockwaves of the international crisis are beginning to reverberate.  A soup kitchen has begun to provide meals to several dozens of needy.
Project Description
A soup kitchen that will serve Arad’s elderly and indigent, many of them lonely widows and widowers, will provide daily meals for up to 150 needy people.  The 1050 square-meter facility located opposite a day center for the elderly in Arad’s Gavim neighborhood, where many aged immigrants live, will operate seven days a week.  For many of the clients, the soup kitchen will make the difference between hunger and isolation and a hot, nourishing meal served in a warm environment, giving them a reason to get out of bed in the morning!  An additional 200-300 food basket will be distributed daily to individuals who are home-bound.  
A paid staff of four or five responsible for cooking, serving, cleaning, etc. will be supplemented by 12-15 volunteers. 
Cost of Project:  $535,750

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