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The Lev Arad Foundation is a public, nonprofit charitable organization serving the city of Arad. The Lev Arad Foundation funds a variety of educational, social, cultural and environmental projects to enhance the lives of the city's residents. Its board of directors, composed of the city's citizens, initiates projects and determines priorities.

The Foundation's support is extended to large and small organizations alike, for projects which range from major construction and renovation of buildings, to less high-profile projects which nonetheless make a significant difference to the lives of the city's citizens.Arad

The Foundation's main areas of interest include:

The City of Arad

Education Initiatives

Social Welfare Initiatives

Cultural Initiatives


In December 2010, the Foundation dedicated the new library in the "Leva'ot" elementary School in Arad, in the presence of Mrs. Tamar Galai-Gat, Executive Director of the clore foundation, the Chairman and members of the Lev Arad Foundation and representative of the mayor of Arad.    

The projects were all funded by the clore foundation that approved funds for physical renovation of the library.

This is now a beautiful facility, harnessing state-of–the-art technological equipment. Much thought has gone into the design and the equipment.



Just 30 miles east of Be'er Sheva and 15 miles west of the Dead Sea, Arad was meticulously planned by social and urban experts as a multicultural city across 22,000 acres; jurisdictionally, the second largest city in Israel.

In the decades since its founding, Arad has maintained its pioneering spirit and ideals, welcoming new immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia, who now comprise nearly half of the city's 27,000 residents. Arad's leaders have made education a priority.

Tolerance and harmony prevail as secular and religious Ashknazi and Sephardi Jews - new comers and old timers - play, work and learn together. The city boasts 27 kindergartens, five public primary schools, a combined public junior-senior high school and three semi-private schools.

Tourists and travelers come to Arad to hike on the Israel National Trail, which passes through the city, explore nearby desert regions, visit Masada and Dead Sea and investigate the ruins of Tel Arad.

In the Artist' Quarter on the road leading down to the Dead Sea, local residents have established three unique museums. The city will soon host a fourth, as government has decided to establish a museum in Arad to display the gifts Israeli leaders have received over the years.

Several national companies have chosen to make Arad home to their manufacturing plants - Arad Textile Industries, one of Israel's largest producers of towels; Flextronics Israel Inc.; A.M.S. Electronics; Jordael cosmetic products; and Unilever Shefa Isael cereal plant.

A is for Arad

"The future of Israel lies in the Negev", Israel first prime minister proclaimed when he stepped down in 1953 and retired to the Negev. David Ben-Gurion made this dramatic move out of his love for the desert-like region in the south of Israel and as an example to Israel's youth.

Less than a decade later, in 1962, a group of young people imbued with Ben-Gurion's pioneering spirit established the city of Arad on the northern edge of the Negev, near the remains of the ancient Canaanite city of Tel Arad.
There, surrounded by exquisite desert landscape with deep canyons and soaring cliffs, with the mountains of Jordan visible in the distance, they followed Ben-Gurion's example and fulfilled his dream.

Looking to enhance their quality of life in an environment free of overcrowding, traffic, noise and pollution, they created a city filled with public parks, gardens and greenery, all enhanced by dry climate that offsets the desert's heat.
Said to be the first pre-planned city in Israel, it continues to remain true to their vision. "It is in the Negev that the creativity and pioneer vigor of Israel shall be tested", Ben-Gurion said long ago.

The city of Arad - and its creative and pioneering residents - have more than exceeded Ben-Gurion's vision.


Ran Sadikario
Executive Director

Inbal Gros
Office Manager

Board of Directors

Mr. Ofer Rubinstein, C.P.A

Dr. Haim Straze
Arad, Israel

Mr. Bezalel Tabib
Arad, Israel

Mr. Reuven Bazrati
Arad, Israel

Mrs. Tamar Avneri
Arad, Israel

Mr. Moshe Elhayani
Arad, Israel

Mr. Arieh Tabic
Arad, Israel

Mr. Amos Oz
Arad, Israel

Mr. Avraham (Baiga) Shochat
Tel Aviv, Israel

Mr. Yitzhak Gurevitz
Ness Tziona, Israel

Mrs. Yafa Ninio
Arad, Israel

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The Foundation dedicated the new library in the "Leva'ot" elementary School in Arad...

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